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Honest review after 1 week

on Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:35 pm
First of all sorry for my bad English. Im already a Lifetime subscriber for this cheat.

the Cheat is very easy to inject. just run as admin and "Poof" its injected. i give 10/10 for that
and then for changing the config its a little bit hard for someone who isnt good with Computer, i mean you have to use keys to bind the cheats, yea for the price its still can be compromised. i give 5/10 for config.
for the Aimbot its still snappy although with high smooth and sometimes its have some Bug that can flick to the air or doing some 360 after shooting (with AWP)
and its so sticky when i use pistol and setting for the head. ill give 6/10.
we have Recoil (RCS) for recoil im still confused with rcs_shotsfired. i think it doesnt work, because when im spraying it will start with the first bullet. overall its working but its snappy when combined with the aimbot. i give 5/10
Visual in this cheat is lack of features. its only have glow and radar, and for glow its not always working, like when all rush we can only see 4 or 3 player. i give 6/10
Overall i will give 6/10 because of its price and i hope they will add some more features and make the aimbot more "human". goodjob Externaim and keep going
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Re: Honest review after 1 week

on Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:09 pm
Hey downdream,

thanks for your feedback. please make sure to use the config which is added to the client, and not an outdated one, which could cause your "360 flicks".
send me your config, and we can help you to figure out, what works the best for you.

We re currently working on the new client, so we hope your get a better result using externaim.

Cheers Xanvu

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