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Client update 8/18/2017

on Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:38 pm
- New Updated Client -

- Added Esp using a directx overlay (can be use for streaming, windowed mode only)
- Esp features for now are esp_box, esp_health, esp_health_bar, esp_crosshair and esp_dot
- Added auto_zeus
- Added auto_knife
- Added fov_changer (not working perfectly but works, working on it)
- Added rcs_randomized
- Added mute_beep
- Readded auto_pistol
- Readded no_flash
- Moved visible_check to weapon_settings
- Change string encryption method
- Added some security checks which could cause the client to crash when you open it, working on it
- Added rage_mode in settings which only switch every aimbot / rcs settings to max and also skip some stuff in the aimbot function trying to make it as fast as possible

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